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XVII Congress - Reims, France (2012)

The AMSE-AMCE-WAER held its 17th international conference from June 3 to 8 2012 in Reims, France.

The theme was: "Educational and Training Researches: Issues and Challenges today”

Invited Speakers:

Bernard CHARLOT,Université Fédérale du Sergipe
Joyce CANAAN, University of Birmingham City
Luiza CORTESÃO, Université de Porto

580 researchers from 40 countries attended !

The event was held at the centre des congrès of Reims. It was organised by the IUFM, school of the University of Reims and the CEREP research team under the presidency of professor Gilles BAILLAT, president of the University of Reims (2012-2016).

Dowload the book of abstracts here

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