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Message from the president

Nowadays the thematic of education has become a major worldwide question. Obviously the future of humanity is tightly linked to its ability to train educated citizens endowed with competences necessary to the economic and social development as well as to the « living together ». Even though those education issues are different from a country to another, from a cultural area to another, they show more and more similarities: inequalities at school, inclusion, pupil’s success rate, the management of educational contents appropriated to the XXIth societies etc. As many questions that interest worldwide researchers.

This « globalization of education » therefore requires shared reflexions and investigations that would enable to make the most of the research strengths union and of the decontextualization fostered by the international research.

The World Association for Educational Research therefore perfectly fits in this globalization framework as it performs in the 3 main communication languages. Its presence on all continents fosters contacts, interactions, shared approaches and actions such as publications and answers to call for proposals.


President of AMSE-AMCE-WAER

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