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Procedures for submitting a conference organization proposal

The written proposal must:

A. The written proposal must come from a university institution that is required to:

1.specify the professor who will act as president of the future conference and who will be responsible for putting together and coordinating an organizing committee;

2. include a written commitment from the university institution’s management to provide all required backing needed to ensure concrete support for the president of the future conference and his/her organizing committee;

3. insofar as possible, establish real and effective associations with other university in-stitutions to see to the conference’s organization, promotion and funding; and

4. commit to respecting the Association’s statutes.


B. In the name of the institution hosting the event, the organizing committee and its president commit formally and in writing to, among other things:


5. find the additional funding required to organize the conference and partly fund the participation of researchers and graduate students (master’s and doctorate levels) from so-called developing countries;


6. submit to the Association’s Board of Directors a detailed funding plan with an esti-mate of costs in line with organizing the conference as well as all funding sources considered (including membership and registration) and, in the two months following the conference, a detailed report of financial statements;

7. establish, together with the Board, a proposal for the conference’s theme and sub-themes;

8. establish a secretariat and broadly circulate information related to the conference (call for symposia, papers and posters; definitive program; registration; information on local resources, hosting, etc.);

9. ensure that a functional website be established 20 months prior to the conference;


10. ensure that a pre-announcement be made at least 14 months prior to the conference and a final announcement, at least 10 months prior to the opening of the conference;

11. ensure an effective online method for transmitting information and managing data from future participants (registration and membership costs; symposium, paper and poster proposals; confirmations; etc.);

12. ensure the scientific quality of the event using various means (determining a scientific coordinator; putting together a scientific committee; evaluating proposals; following up with speakers and those in charge of symposia, etc.);

13. ensure the promotion and visibility of the event using all available means;

14. ensure that all means will be used to make sure that participants, excluding exceptions approved by the Board, pay their registration fees and, if possible, membership fees;

15. ensure simultaneous translation in the three official languages of the Association (French, English and Spanish) for collective events held during the conference: open-ing and closing sessions, general assembly of members, etc.; and


16. ensure dynamic and efficient management of the conference and its preparation, no-tably in terms of scientific, administrative, financial, relational and operational aspects.

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