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The world association for educational research regularly organize an international conference bringing together hundreds of researchers from every continent. Initially held every four years, the conference is now organized every couple of years to take the demand of its members into account.

The place of the conference always change and tries to consider the geographic diversity of AMSE-AMCE-WAER: held in Sherbrooke (Québec) in 2000, it is then organized in Santiago of Chile in 2004, in Marrakech (Morocco) in 2008, in Monterrey (Mexico) in 2010, in Reims (France) in 2012 and in Eskisehir (Turkey) in 2016. The next congress will be held in 2018 in Suceava, Romania.

The congress usually relies on the local universities for its organization and now focuses its attention on security in the current global context. Recent events have sometimes weakened the organization scientific meetings, in education as well as in other fields.

Each time, the theme of the conference is wide enough to allow researchers to find their place in the program. The conferences are organized around individual workshops and symposia created by the initiative of our members. The symposia often lead to a publication.

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